Gra-POW! Cookie Granola was created to combine childhood-favorite cookies and granola cereal, but with ketogenic macros, and a few other twists.

This meant, first of all, swapping out grains of all kinds. The use of any glycemic sweeteners, such as honey, maple syrup, or even coconut sugar, was also out. Instead of these, we took almond meal, erythritol, and debittered stevia extract, and got to work. Perhaps most importantly, these products needed to “wow” even the Standard American Diet consumer, thereby making KETO more accessible to even the most discerning of palates. We’ve done our best!

At the moment, we currently offer two flavors:

Snickerdoodle, the original recipe, and the one that inspired the start of the Keto Baking Co., is fairly straightforward, and comes with a net carb count of 2 grams per serving, after the subtraction of dietary fiber and erythritol. As a personal touch on an old favorite, we’ve combined two different species of Cinnamon, (including Ceylon, primarily for it’s purported ability to lower blood sugar, though it does offer amazing flavor, as well), for the cookie component, as well as a hint of clove to the granola component, (i.e., coconut, almond, walnut, pecan, sunflower seed, and flax seed, coated in coconut oil, stevia, and Himalayan pink salt).

PB&J Thumbprint is a bit more complex: rich, decadent peanut butter cookie chunks are interspersed with the same blend of ingredients comprising the Snickerdoodle granola, but which has been sauced with coconut oil, raspberry extract, and freeze-dried raspberry powder, prior to baking. It comes with a net carb count of 3 grams per serving.

The texture of each is similar, but different, with the Snickerdoodle being a bit on the crunchier side, and the PB&J Thumbprint being moist in comparison.

We’ve been told, and certainly agree, that while both are delicious eaten in any way, the Snickerdoodle pairs exceptionally well when eaten as you would cereal, (i.e., in a bowl, with some kind of milk), while the PB&J Thumbprint works great eaten out-of-the-bag, or as a topping on your favorite low-carb ice cream!

We have future plans for a ton of awesome flavors, as well as nut-free versions of the flavors to which nuts are not integral flavor components. Further, we also plan to create and release vegan equivalents, unsweetened versions, and many other kinds of products.