Tara Shimer, Founder

Growing up, I had a love-hate relationship with both food and my body. All of that changed in 2015, when i began eating a well-formulated ketogenic diet. both my physical and mental health improved so dramatically, as a result, that I became impassioned to share it with others.

I founded the ketogenic baking company as a way to not only share my culinary creations, but to also make a greater contribution to the burgeoning low-carb community.



Benjamin Cole, Co-Founder

As a fitness enthusiast and former amateur fighter (muay thai & kickboxing) I've always been conscious of dieting smart and understanding the effects of my diet on my Performance. after witnessing the power of the keto diet and Intermittent Fasting in my own life, I decided to join tara in the mission of helping Others improve their quality of life by providing delicious keto foods to the world.


No grains, glycemic sweeteners, soy, gmo, to other gunk!