Gra-POW! Cookie Granola - PB&J Thumbprint (10 oz.)

Gra-POW! Cookie Granola - PB&J Thumbprint (10 oz.)


Chunks of soft, sweet, and decadent peanut butter cookies take the lead in this mix.  But, not to be upstaged, the granola packs a punch of natural raspberry flavor that's sure to light up your tastebuds!

Inspired by the traditional peanut butter and jelly thumbprint cookie, which is made by taking a ball of plain peanut butter cookie dough, pressing the pad of your thumb into it, and filling the resulting divot with raspberry jam, this cookie granola is perfect for folks who love sweet and salty

ingredients: peanuts, extra virgin coconut oil, coconut, non-GMO erythritol, almonds, sunflower seeds*, walnuts, free-range eggs, pecans, himalayan pink salt, raspberry extract, grass-fed bovine collagen, raspberries, stevia*, sodium bicarbonate. * = organic

Shelf life is six months, but we do not use any preservatives; so, if you do not intend to consume within two months, please store in the fridge.

***Please note that Washington, D.C. is very hot in the summer months; some melting, (i.e., of the coconut oil), can be expected, if not guaranteed.

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