Gra-POW! Cookie Granola - Snickerdoodle (10 oz.)

Gra-POW! Cookie Granola - Snickerdoodle (10 oz.)


Not much of an explanation is needed here; the traditional Snickerdoodle cookie inspired this cookie granola! 

The inception of this recipe, or rather, the response to it, was the inspiration for KBC. When Tara creates a recipe, she cannot resist adding her own touch to it.  The result is a sweet and spicy palate puncher, comprising the flavors of traditional ground (Chinese) cinnamon, Ceylon (Sri Lankan) cinnamon, and clove. The blood sugar lowering effect of Ceylon is an added bonus!

ingredients: extra virgin coconut oil*, coconut*, non-GMO erythritol, almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds, free-range eggs, pecans, himalayan pink salt, grass-fed bovine collagen, stevia*, cinnamon*, ceylon cinnamon*, vanilla extract, sodium bicarbonate, clove. * = organic

Shelf life is six months, but we do not use any preservatives; so, if you do not intend to consume within two months, please store in the fridge.

***Please note that Washington, D.C. is very hot in the summer months; some melting, (i.e., of the coconut oil), can be expected, if not guaranteed.

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