Gra-POW! Cookie Granola - Peanut Butter Cup (10 oz.)

Gra-POW! Cookie Granola - Peanut Butter Cup (10 oz.)


Our signature moist and decadent peanut butter cookies, and signature granola mix, complete with chocolate chips***, and finished with a dusting of cacao powder.

ingredients: peanuts, extra virgin coconut oil, coconut, non-GMO erythritol, almonds, sunflower seeds*, walnuts, free-range eggs, pecans, unsweetened cacao chips, himalayan pink salt, raw cacao powder*, grass-fed bovine collagen, stevia*, sodium bicarbonate. * = organic ** = this ingredient mistakenly does not appear on the bags

Shelf life is six months, but we do not use any preservatives; so, if you do not intend to consume within two months, please store in the fridge.

***Please note that Washington, D.C. is very hot in the summer months; some melting, (e.g., of the coconut oil or chocolate chips), can be expected, if not guaranteed.

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