Gra-POW! Cookie Granola - Rosie's Apple Pie (10 oz.)

Gra-POW! Cookie Granola - Rosie's Apple Pie (10 oz.)


Apple Pie!!!

Rosali Lovoz conceptualized and assisted in executing this recipe. She thought the very low carbohydrate squash named “Chayote” would be an amazing substitute for green apple, and boy, is it ever!

This is a sweet and spicy pie crust in cookie form, combined with a apple-icious mix of granola!

NOTE: Inside the bag, there will be a small, loose “Dri-Card” for protecting the product from retaining moisture. Please do not consume it.

ingredients: coconut*, non-gmo erythritol, grass-fed butter, extra virgin coconut oil*, sunflower seeds*, walnuts, almonds, free range eggs, pecans, himalayan pink salt, chayote squash, grass-fed bovine collagen, cinnamon, natural flavors, stevia extract*, nutmeg, allspice, aluminum-free baking soda, vanilla extract, ginger, clove, cream of tartar, lemon juice. * = organic

contains: milk, egg, almond, walnut, pecan, coconut

manufactured in a facility that also processes: wheat, peanuts, soy

Shelf life is six months, but we do not use any preservatives; so, if you do not intend to consume within two months, please store in the fridge.

***Please note that Washington, D.C. is very hot in the summer months; some melting, (i.e., of the coconut oil), can be expected, if not guaranteed.

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