Ketoconnect review

We were lucky enough to have Matt & Megha from Keto Connect provide a solid review of our product. Also the added instigation of turf war with Keto Hana was a pleasant surprise! Our Review starts at the 13.27 mark. Just remember that  no matter what Onomatopoeias have been a pretty big deal since Batman   

Jason Wittrock's review

We're happy to have garnered such a great review from Jason Wittrock. Fitness changed Jason's life and he specializes in helping people lose weight and build lean muscle with a ketogenic diet. In this review Jason discusses the topic of how to eat a Keto diet while traveling.

Dr. Berg's Review

A Quote from Dr. Eric Bergs YouTube page:

"Dr. Berg talks to a client to find out whats behind symptoms. This is an example of dig deeper and associate her symptoms to correlate to potential symptoms". Here our CEO was able to get gut level honest in her journey towards a greater physical self recognizing that all immunity starts in how we treat and nurture our bodies as a whole. Side note, Dr. Berg also happens to be the author of the best selling book, The 7 Principles of Fat Burning.

Goody beats' review

Goody Beats expresses the one reservation we all seem to share in the world of Ketogenic Dieting, which is "Well, what about my favorite foods? What if I don't have time to cook or prep in the morning? Do you know how convenient and relaxing it could be to just eat a bowl of cereal again?!" Thankfully, much to his delight and our customers a Keto Breakfast can give you an even better pick up without the carb & sugar laden plummet to start your day.